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Donor Stories

  • Robin (Aronson) Rothman '88
    Robin (Aronson) Rothman '88
    Robin recently named Flagler College as the beneficiary of an outright bequest and is a member of the Henry M. Flagler Society.
  • Win-Win Giving
    Win-Win Giving
    Thanks to the generosity of donors Frank and Joan Tepper, Flagler College has celebrated a notable first...
  • A Place of Permanent Honor
    A Place of Permanent Honor
    Carole Ginzl—along with her late husband, Dave—has been a long-time supporter of Flagler College. The Ginzls' oldest daughter...
  • All in the Family
    All in the Family
    Letti Bozard '97 cannot remember when Flagler College was not an important part of her family's life. Letti is a third-generation St. Augustine...
  • Honoring Alma Mater through Bequest
    Honoring Alma Mater through Bequest
    Steve Shineman '94 considers his experience at Flagler College a "life-changing event." He is now the Director of Gift Planning at Texas Christian University...
  • Architects of Generosity
    Architects of Generosity
    Craig and Audrey Thorn passed away exactly two years apart: he on December 17, 2010, and she on December 17, 2012. Friends say that's...
  • Freytags Support Flagler through IRA Rollover
    Freytags Support Flagler through IRA Rollover
    Palm Coast residents Peter and Sue Freytag are no strangers to investing. Peter is a retired vice president of Common Stocks for State Farm...
  • Making Philanthropic History
    Making Philanthropic History
    As graduates of the University of Florida, Delores Lastinger and her husband, Allen, had long been known for their support of their alma mater.
  • Show of Support
    Show of Support
    When Phyllis Gibbs retired from the Flagler College faculty in the summer of 2015, she was more than accustomed to being asked about her incredible tenure in the Theatre Arts Department.

Gift Examples

  • Bequests
    Joe and Anna have been faithful supporters of our organization over the years. Both of them strongly believe that it is important to support and encourage our mission.
  • Tax-Free Sale
    Howard and Lynn were age 55 when they purchased some land outside of town, and they thought it would be a good investment that they could later sell.
  • Fixed Income for Retirement
    After working for decades as a pediatrician in a small rural town, Patricia was ready to retire.
  • Capital Gains Tax Bypassed
    Peter and Gail were nearing retirement. Over the years, with the help of their financial advisor, they made solid investments in securities.
  • Peace of Mind Gift Annuity
    Many years ago, Clara bought a home. Since she was so pleased with the home, she decided to buy stock in the company that built it.
  • Sale and Unitrust
    Gene and Carol purchased stock in a small medical service company several years ago. Now, Gene and Carol are looking for a way to save taxes.
  • The Retirement Unitrust
    Mary grew up on a farm. When her parents passed away, she inherited the farm. Now, several developers would like to build homes on the farmland.
  • Property Turns Into Income
    Miranda lived in the family home where she and her spouse had raised their children. After her spouse passed, Miranda found it increasingly difficult to care for her home.
  • Flexible Deferred Gift Annuity
    Lewis is a 54-year-old executive at a large healthcare company. He purchased company stock during years when the stock price was low, and now the stock has grown substantially.
  • Part Gift and Part Sale
    Susan and Kevin bought their first home many years ago. They had planned to build a second home so that their children could spend their summers along the lake.
  • Current Gifts
    As is the case with many families, there are times each year when Jim and Sharon focus their attention on gift giving.
  • A Bequest to Further Good Work
    Nancy and David were dedicated volunteers. Over the years, they had seen many individuals helped by the good work of their favorite charity.
  • Deferred Gift Annuity
    Several years ago Larry and Allison invested $30,000 in what they believed to be an attractive stock. It turned out to be a very wise decision.
  • Gift Annuity for Real Estate
    Jonathan purchased a home many years ago for $80,000. The home has appreciated substantially over the years and is now worth $420,000.
  • A Bequest to Save Taxes
    Thomas was a widower who had a great love for our organization. As an individual who had directly benefited from our work.
  • Leading for the Future
    Luke and Candice spent many years volunteering and supporting their favorite charity. They wanted to give back in a way that would help fulfill its mission.
  • Give it Twice Trust
    While visiting the Wills Planner on her favorite charity's website, June, a surviving spouse, came across the idea of a Give it Twice Trust.
  • Providing for Our Children's Future
    Joe and Kathy worked for years building their nest egg for retirement. They also want to provide for their children.